We call our Sunday School a "one room school" because our students reflect a wide range of ages and share the same learning space and experience. Sunday School is in session the second and fourth Sundays of each month, and each session begins in the Sanctuary during our Time with the Children – a regular and always anticipated part of our worship service.  The children are invited to  sit with Pastor Mary Jo as she introduces the topic of that Sunday's Message in "kid-speak" and encourages the children to react to it.  There's nothing like the honesty of children  – their frank contributions and general cuteness are sure to bring tears or laughter, and sometimes both!  

After the Time with the Children, the young ones gather with our Sunday School leaders to continue learning about that Sunday's message through storytelling, Bible searches, prayer and wonderful, artistic activities with different materials and projects for different age groups.   And just like the dynamics of a "one-room school,"  the older children lend their talents and more advanced reading skills to help the "littles." 


The Sunday School children also manage their own children's ministry – Pennies from Heaven. The children collect members' spare change during the Offering on Sunday School Sundays to fund a project of their choice. They chose the CUCC Red Stocking Fund  as the benefactor of their 2018-19 fforts.



Doctine of Discovery Bible Study

The adult study group will kick off the the mid-winter session with their exploration of the Doctrine of Discovery. The historical consequences of the Doctrine of Discovery and the trauma resulted from the loss of homeland, genocide, forced removal, language repression etc. continues to impact subsequent generations. 

Read more here. 

The group will meet on January 19th  from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall and will enjoy a Potluck Lunch after the session. Members representing several surrounding UCC churches will join us. Sign up on the sheet in the Fellowship Hall. 

Page Turners Book Group


Page Turners, our new book group, is open to all – CUCC members and non-members and meets monthly throughout the year, The December book selection is Unshetered available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble and through many of our local librarieres.  Meet with us on Wedensday, Decmber 5th  at 6 pm in the Parsonage to share perspectives. No need to sign up  – just show up! 




                                          2019 - 2020 Class

                                                    The Confirmation Class meets once weekly after school throughout the school year for a year long course.  In the UCC, Confirmation is not considered a sacrament like

                                                    Communion or Baptism, but is the important process through which the church recognizes a young person’s ability to make mature decisions about their faith and in which

                                                    they indicate their desire to participate fully in the life  of the church. The class welcomes children in the sixth through eighth grades. 

                                                   Classes begin Summer 2019. If you are interested in your child  joining the class,  please contact Pastor Mary Jo.                                                      


The outdoor ministry of the Wisconsin Conference of the UCC 

Youth Camps

The UCCI  Summer Camp experience is priceless for kids of every age. It's a time to unplug from those gadgets, assert a little independence, and breathe in the beauty of nature.  Moon Beach and Pilgrim Center have the perfect atmosphere for the littlest first-timer to the experineced teen.

Scholarships may be available. Email us. 

Family Camps

With programs running year-round, UCCI family camps and retreats are held at the picturesque Moon Beach and Pilgrim Center properties. Both feature a combination of woodland and waterfrom stretches with plenty of room to reflect and restore and endless options for fun and family memories. Scholarships may be available. Email us. 

Adult Camps and Retreats

If you're looking for a weekend to enjoy with friends or a solo getaway, try one of UCCI's many adult camp and retreat offers, like Sixties Plus!, Golf Weekend, Quilting Retreats, Baby Boomer Camp, and Writing Workshops. Sign up for a week-long camp or a two-day retreat. Scholarships may be available. Email us.

Camp AweSum

Camp AweSum is designed for young people on the autism spectrum and their families. UCC offers a Youth Camp and a Family Camp – both are weeklong adventures where you can try new things and meet new people. But most importantly, it's an experience where you can be yourself.   Scholarships may be available. Email us.



PILGRIM CENTER                   RIPON, WI