UCC for Parkland

As the students of Parkland, Florida step up to advocate for change in gun laws to prevent another school shooting in this country, young people from across the United States and national members of the faith community are standing with them in the call for action.

The United Church of Christ, as one of 50 faith groups making up the national coalition, Faiths United Against Gun Violence, has long been committed to advocacy and organizing around responsible gun legislation. Faiths United, in tandem with the efforts of the young people, is working for change and is calling on all faith organizations, denominations, and groups to join in. A group statement issued Friday reads, "We firmly believe that in the face of gun violence, the invocation of 'thoughts and prayers' without action is sacrilege. The job of people of faith—especially those legislators who profess faith—is not to offer empty words. Our faiths call us to transformative action that heals our society."

On Monday Faiths United launched a social media campaign #PrayerAndPolicy to encourage faith communities to pray, and to also take action.

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